Team Registration Day

1- Registration2- Payment3- Travel Permit4- Roster and Game Sheets5- Teams Registration Day


Registration Day

The registration of all teams will take place on Friday August 4th 2017, from 3PM to 10PM at the Maison du tourisme de la Montérégie (8940, boul. Leduc, in Brossard, in the DIX30 near the Adonis grocery store).

It is mandatory that there be at least one person representing your team on the Registration day. On that occasion, we will give you the latest updates regarding the rules, the schedules or anything else. A small reception will be held for coaches.

On the Registration day, you’ll need to present the following documents:

Documents to present and to have in hand
  • Travel permit
Original copy of the travel permit issued by your Regional Soccer Association (if you’re not from the ARSRS)
  • Players ID
Players and team personnel (coaches and managers) ID’s
  • Official roster
Official roster sheet provided by your soccer club
  • Game sheets
- 3 game sheets with the game number
- 4 game sheets without a game number**Print your game sheets on Thurday night
  • Trial player permit
Permit(s) for a trial player, if necessary


If you can’t make it on Friday August 4th, you can register your team at 6:30 AM Saturday August 5th at the headquarters of the Challenge Brossard at Poly-Arena Park located on the corner of Rome Blvd. and Niagara in Brossard (J4Y 1R2). However, please plan the waiting line.


Players Registration (wristbands)

The registration of players must be held one hour before the start of your first game, at the field on which your team plays its first game. Please have in hand your passports and your game sheet previously checked and stamped on the Registration day.