1- Registration2- Payment3- Travel Permit4- Roster and Game Sheets5- Teams Registration Day


Registration Form

The Form is available on TSI-Tournament. Please follow the procedure below:

  1. Go on TSI-Tournament website
  2. Click on the Challenge Brossard logo
  3. In the top menu, under the “Teams” tab, select “Registration

NOTE : There is a maximum number of teams that can register in our tournament since we have a limited number of soccer fields. Therefore, we can not necessarily accept all registered teams. Only the confirmed teams will be able to participate in the tournament.


Registration confirmation procedure

To confirm its registration, a team must:

  1. pay its registration fee (we prefer Paypal*)
  2. provide its travel permit (except teams from ARSRS)
  3. provide a proof of accommodation (except teams from the Montreal area)**

Also please note the following conditions:

  1. At any time, a team’s registration may be refused and refunded by the tournament organizing committee.
  2. At any time, the tournament organizing committee will prioritize the registration confirmation of a team by considering the date of receipt of the payment and the other documents required to complete registration.

In brief, it’s “first completely paid, first confirmed“.


*Paypal remains the fastest method to complete a payment.

**We want to avoid last minute teams refunds.