Roster and Game Sheets

1- Registration2- Payment3- Travel Permit4- Roster and Game Sheets5- Teams Registration Day


All teams must provide a Team Roster BEFORE July 15th 2019, provide by your club registraire. Empty Game Sheets can be found on the website and are the only accepted forms approved by the Organizing Committee. There is no need to get an approval from your Regional Soccer Association when using these forms.

To access the Official Roster Sheet Form and Game Sheets, please go to the website and follow the instructions below. You will need a login and password which will be provided to all participating teams by email at the beginning of July.

  2. Select our Challenge Brossard 2019 logo
  3. Select the LOGIN tab.
    *Use the username and password provided by email at the beginning of July
  5. Enter all the players of your team.
  6. Print 4 GAME SHEETS without a game number.
    You will need them for the Team Registration Day on Friday August 2nd 2018.
  7. Print all your GAME SHEETS with their game number.
    You can find them by clicking on the game numbers (see image below).
    You will need them for the Team Registration Day on Friday August 2nd 2018.
    As schedules may change, we recommend that you print them just before this day.

PTS Enregistrement