Schedules and Results

•  Schedules and official results are available on the PTS-CUP website:

  • Find the Challenge Brossard 2019 logo on PTS-CUP main page
  • Click on Standings (see image below) to see the Schedules and Results


•  For any question or validation, go to our Poly-Arena Headquarters.

•  Your team is responsible to make sure that the standings are “final” before leaving the tournament or showing up at a playoff game.

•  It is possible that PTS-CUP sends notifications that do not match the final standings. This is beyond our control.

•  In a 3 groups category, the team with the most points from each group is going to the semi-finals. In addition, the team with the most points from all the remaining teams of all groups (2nd best overall) goes to the semi-finals; this team is called “Best 1 in the position 2” in PTS-CUP.

•  The standings rules always apply (see section 15 of the tournament rules).


Winners and Finalists archives from previous editions are available here.